Ryan Bingham’s job as a Career Transition Councelor—he fires people—has kept him airborne for years. Although he despises his line of work, he has come to love the culture of what he calls “Airworld.” With a letter of resignation sitting on his boss’s desk, and the hope of a job with a mysterious firm, Bingham is agonizingly close to his ultimate goal: one million frequent-flyer miles. 

UP IN THE AIR is a brilliantly diverting novel that peers deeply into the world of modern business and its debilitating effects on the human soul. The award-winning film adaptation stars George Clooney.

Walter Kirn is the critically acclaimed author of the novels SHE NEEDED ME, MISSION TO AMERICA, and THUMBSUCKER, which was made into a feature film in 2005 starring Vince Vaughn, Keanu Reeves and Tilda Swinton. He is a contributing editor to Time and GQ and a regular reviewer for the The New York Times Book Review. Portions of his previous novels have been excerpted in the New Yorker, GQ and Esquire.