Scientist Dr. Celeste Braun is busy dealing with a crucial research project, conference lectures, and false charges of academic plagiarism when her life becomes further complicated by the “accidental” deaths of three of her colleagues, and Celeste begins to believe that the deaths are linked to her own current problems.

B.B. Jordan is the nom-de-plume of Frances Brodsky, Professor of Cell Biology and Director of the Division of Biosciences at University College London. She is a bench scientist recognized for her elucidation of basic cell functions that influence human metabolism and the immune system. Her writing is inspired by a love of science and a desire to communicate the scientific enterprise to the general public and humanize the process of scientific research. In addition to TRIPLET CODE, B.B. Jordan is the author of the two mysteries, PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATION and SECONDARY IMMUNIZATION, both featuring the brilliant virologist Dr. Celeste Braun.