Can you win monetary damages for bad sex? Can you get fired for being too fat? Can you sign your mother-in-law into a nursing home against her will?

For anyone who’s ever had a legal question that seemed too odd or embarrassing to seek counsel, SO SUE ME, JACKASS! is a surprising and entertaining collection of factual and funny Q&As that combines engaging wit and sensible legal advice. Attorney Amy Epstein Feldman and her sister, humor-writer Robin Epstein address a wide range of legal issues encountered in daily life, including jobs, relationships, home, family, pets (yes, pets), privacy, and death—and they relate outrageous anecdotes of laugh-out­-loud legal fiascos. SO SUE ME, JACKASS! may not keep you out of litigation—but it will keep you in stitches.

Amy Epstein Feldman, Esq., is a nationally syndicated legal correspondent and a legal contributor to the news programming at WXTF in Philadelphia. She is also the general counsel of the Judge Group, Inc., a $200 million international placement firm. Amy specializes in employment and consumer-related issues.

Robin Epstein has written for publications including The New York Times, Marie Claire, Real Simple, Glamour, and Teen People magazines. A contributor to NPR’s This American Life, Robin started her career as a stand-up comic. In addition to scripting video games, Robin currently teaches writing at NYU.