In this tour de force of popular science writing, Michael D. Lemonick describes the fascinating search to discover the answer this intriguing question. Recent events — including speculation that life may have existed on Mars and the discovery that there are more planets outside our solar system than in it — continually spur new theories and new investigations.

Other Worlds takes readers to Mauna Kea, where astronomers monitor the skies through powerful telescopes; to West Virginia, where radio antennas listen for alien broadcasts; and to meetings with NASA officials, who are forging new paths in the exploration of the cosmos. Featuring interviews with the scientists who are leading these breakthroughs, this astonishing book will captivate everyone from science-fiction buffs to serious science readers.

Michael Lemonick covered science and the environment for Time magazine for nearly 21 years, where he wrote more than 50 cover stories, and has also written for Discover, Scientific American, Wired, New Scientist and The Washington Post. Lemonick is the author of four books, and a cover story for Time was featured in the anthology Best American Science and Nature Writing 2007. He has taught science and environmental journalism at Princeton, Columbia, Johns Hopkins and New York Universities. He holds a MSc in Journalism from Columbia University.