“The night was heavy with foreboding. The rain, which had been spitting down on us during the late afternoon, grew heavier. It hurled into our faces, borne by a wind that was now gusting between the dunes at full force. . . . It was the worst storm we had encountered and Ned was out in it alone.” —Justin Marozzi, South from Barbary

Cecil Kuhne’s newest anthology gathers the best adventure stories from the world’s most barren landscapes. Ranging from 19th-century explorers to modern-day journalists, these desert trekkers deal with everything from deserting men, corrupt armed soldiers, and Nigerian bush taxis to suspicious natives, stubborn camels, and debilitating sunburn. These thirteen tales are more than suspenseful; they also show how life can survive in the most punishing climates.

Also featuring: Robyn Davidson’s Desert Places, in which Robyn Davidson follows the Rubari people across the Thar and tries to adapt to a difficult-but fascinating-way of life. In Michael Asher’s Two Against the Sahara in which newlyweds embark upon a nine-month, 4500-mile journey across the world’s largest desert, traveling from Morocco to Sudan. And in Bayle St. John’s Adventure in the Libyan Desert a team of four trek deep into Libya in search of an oasis. But what they find is even more astounding…

Cecil Kuhne is the editor of two previous anthologies on adventure travel, ON THE EDGE and THE ARMCHAIR PADDLER. In this series is NEAR DEATH ON THE HIGH SEAS, NEAR DEATH IN THE ARCTIC, and NEAR DEATH IN THE MOUNTAINS. A former whitewater rafting guide, he has also written nine books about rafting, kayaking, and canoeing. He lives in Dallas.