In the early 1970s, Hannah Green and her husband came upon a small village called Conques, curled like a conch shell in the mountains of south-central France. Entranced, she returned to this numinous place again and again, drawn to the story of the little saint whose spirit fills the lives of the people there. Housed in the village’s yellow stone basilica sits the gold reliquary of Sainte Foy, who was beheaded in the fourth century for refusing to deny her faith before a Roman consul. LITTLE SAINT, a book written in ecstasy, is at once a moving and passionate tribute to Sainte Foy, a lyrical evocation of daily life in Conques, and a vivid chronicle of the author’s intensely felt spiritual journey. Published posthumously in 2000, LITTLE SAINT beautifully conveys Green’s spiritual transformation.

Hannah Green was born in Ohio and studied writing with Vladimir Nabokov and Wallace Stegner. She is also the author of the novel THE DEAD OF THE HOUSE, published in 1972 by Doubleday to critical acclaim.