Consumer travel advocate Christopher Elliott gives us the inside scoop on informed itinerancy in HOW TO BE THE WORLD’S SMARTEST TRAVELER, a guide to savvy traveling the world over.

What’s the one most important thing to do before driving off with your rental car?  What are the two major pitfalls of booking hotel rooms through websites that offer aggressive discounts? How can you easily tell if your smart phone will work overseas—and how can you avoid being charged a king’s fortune for using it? Drawing on 20 years’ experience, Elliott guides us through the intricacies of the modern travel experience for beginning and seasoned travelers alike: airport security, car rentals, cruises, passports and visas, travel scams, vacation rentals, and more.

Christopher Elliott is the reader advocate and an editor-at-large for and the author of regular travel columns for The Washington Post (“Navigator”) and USA TODAY (“On Travel”).  A pioneer in digital journalism, he founded the Internet’s first business travel website in 1994 and began blogging in 1996, before it was called blogging. His writing has since appeared in a variety of major news outlets, including CBS Interactive,, and  Currently, his family is on an open-ended journey around the world, covering the adventure for and The Huffington Post.