It’s well known that cats can convince us to drop everything and play with them; talk us into serving dinner way ahead of schedule; and get us to sit down and provide a lap. In HOW TO ARGUE WITH A CAT, rhetoric expert Jay Heinrichs has teamed up with illustrator Natalie Sutton to show how cats can teach us the ancient art of persuasion. They’re naturals at such rhetorical principals as “know your opponent,” “spot fallacies,” or “argue logically,” skills that Heinrichs demonstrates for human use. In this funny and informative book, both young and adult readers will learn how cats apply rhetoric to get whatever they want, and how we can too.

Jay Heinrichs is the author of the New York Times-bestselling book on rhetoric THANK YOU FOR ARGUING (now in an updated third edition from Crown Books in 2017), which has gone back to press 27 times, sold 300,000 copies, and is one of the top-ten most assigned books at Harvard University. A persuasion and content consultant for major corporations, Ivy League universities, and nonprofit groups, including NASA, Southwest Airlines, the U.S. Defense Department, and Walmart, he’s mostly proud of his ability to be liked by cats. Natalie Sutton is a UK-based art director and illustrator.