The “carbon footprint” is fast becoming a primary measure of competitive businesses and healthy economies. Environmental policies mandate that businesses take responsibility for carbon emissions, and the emergence of new energy markets has turned the “carbon credit” into the world’s first common currency.

In CRACKING THE CARBON CODE, Terry Tamminen reveals how to turn carbon into gold and profit in this new green economy. Based on his popular blog, CRACKING THE CARBON CODE is all about solutions. Clearly andconversational enough to digest on a cross-country plane trip, Tamminen outlines a five-step process that shows you how to identify your company’s carbon footprint, gain control of energy use, and make money from this knowledge.

Terry Tamminen —#1 of The Guardian’s “Fifty People Who Could Save the Planet”— is an author, lecturer and strategist on energy and environment. As California’s Secretary of Environmental Protection, he was the architect of Governor Schwarzenegger’s climate and energy policies, which made California the world leader in renewable energy resources and the home to North America’s emerging carbon marketplace. He is also the author of WATERCOLORS: How JJ the Whale Saved Us, and LIVES PER GALLON: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction.