As the price of higher education escalates and the number of Americans seeking a college degree steadily rises, it is now more important then ever to think about higher education in a different way. In BRIGHT COLLEGE YEARS, Anne Matthews paints a provocative yet evenhanded portrait of the American campus. With each chapter dedicated to sections of the academic year, Matthews puts students, professors, and administrators under the magnifying glass. She conducts her investigation in four-year universities all across the country, from enormous state schools like the University of Texas to specialized colleges like Cal Tech. BRIGHT COLLEGE YEARS is a fascinating look at the changing face of the American university that will be of interest to prospective students, their parents, and anyone interested in higher education.

Anne Matthews is the author of two other books, WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM and WILD NIGHTS. She is a contributing editor for Preservation Magazine, and her articles have appeared in The New York Times and other publications. She lives in Princeton, New Jersey.