Whether you are planning a trip to the shelter to adopt a dog or have been struggling with your pet’s problems for many months or even years, ADOPTABLE DOG: Teaching Your Adopted Pet to Obey, Trust, and Love You will guide you through all the challenges you might face. John Ross and Barbara McKinney provide invaluable advice for every kind of adoptable dog: the older puppy, the overactive or unhouse-broken adult dog, the shelter pooch, or even the mature canine in need of one last, loving home.

At the heart of ADOPTABLE DOG is a pet-focused training program. In an easy-to-use, step-by-step style, Ross and McKinney show you how to overcome training challenges that are common to so many adopted dogs. No behavior is beyond the reach of ADOPTABLE DOG training! It’s good news for owners, but it’s great news for an entire continent of previously unwanted pooches. At last, they have a real chance to have a successful and permanent home: yours.

John Ross and Barbara McKinney are the authors of five books about dog training, guiding pet owners everywhere. They both write a popular question-and-answer column for several newspapers, and John Ross runs workshops nationwide. They live in Palm City, Florida.