In this fresh approach to positive thinking and well-being, Barbara Tammes sparks the imagination with a fancifully illustrated blueprint for our “castle in the sky,” from how to start building (towers, waterfalls, white sand beaches) to what questions can reveal our true desires.

Our castle is complete with birds that bear away intrusive thoughts (parrots are uninvited thoughts that mimic what other people say; the woodpecker constantly flies around hammering home its arguments), a Small Chapel for Your Soul (with a tiny door to make sure there’s no room for your ego), the Hall of Tears (you’re allowed to cry as much as you want; every grief has an absolute amount of tears), and, at its heart, the Treasure Room, where the greatest treasure is to know our “ikagai”—our reason for existence.

See the trailer for a glimpse of the author’s lush, whimsical illustrations.

Barbara Tammes is a Dutch author and award-winning advertising executive. The original edition of this book was published by Kosmos as HANDBOEK VOOR HET BOUWEN VAN JE EIGEN LUCHTKASTEEL: Architectuur Voor Je Gedachten and is now available in six languages including English, French, German, Portuguese and Chinese. Tammes’ second book, MARRY ME: A Guide to A Happy Marriage With Yourself (HET TROUWBOEKJE) was published in the Netherlands in June 2012. She lives on a farm nearby Amsterdam with her husband, two kids, five horses, two dogs, some cats and a barn owl.