Zimler, Richard


The Night Watchman

From international bestselling author Richard Zimler comes a new psychological thriller, THE NIGHT WATCHMAN, a uniquely moving feat of storytelling that reveals the damaging repercussions of abuse, and offers a startling look at the underbelly of Zimler’s adopted home.

The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon

The year is 1506, and the streets of Lisbon are seething with fear and suspicion […]

The Warsaw Anagrams

Autumn 1940. The Nazis seal 400,000 Jews inside a small area of the Polish capital, […]

The Seventh Gate

It’s Berlin, 1932. Sophie is a smart and sexually precocious fourteen-year-old coming of age during […]

Guardian of the Dawn

In his previous novels HUNTING MIDNIGHT and THE LAST KABBALIST OF LISBON, Richard Zimler spun […]

Hunting Midnight

At the dawn of the nineteenth century in Portugal, John Zarco Stewart is an impish […]

The Search for Sana

In February 2000, Richard Zimler went to the Perth Writers Festival and met a talented […]


San Francisco, 1986. A city where Dionysian liberation is beginning to pall beneath a strange […]