Thier, Aaron


The Ghost Apple: A Novel

Aaron Thier’s debut novel THE GHOST APPLE is set on the New Hampshire campus of Tripoli College—an institution that, beset by financial problems, has entered into a coercive agreement with a corrupt “food services” corporation called Big Anna. Big Anna deposes the college’s president and installs a tyrant who contrives to enslave study-abroad students on a sugar plantation on St. Renard, an island in the Caribbean.

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Aaron Thier's caustic and sharp novel MR. ETERNITY is narrated by five different twenty-somethings around the New World at five moments in time (1560, 1750, 2013, 2200, 2500), all of whom worry about the same problems that besiege young people. Linking them is the affable, immortal Mr. Eternity—an ancient sailor called Daniel Defoe—who entangles himself in the lives of people he meets while searching across time for his lost love.

The World is a Narrow Bridge

Aaron Thier's novel THE WORLD IS A NARROW BRIDGE (Bloomsbury, 2018) is a road novel for our times, and a story of love in an age of catastrophe.