Powell, Padgett


Cries For Help, Various

From the highly acclaimed author of EDISTO and THE INTERROGATIVE MOOD, Padgett Powell’s new collection of stories, CRIES FOR HELP, VARIOUS, ventures again to surrealistic and comical terrain. The forty-four stories here, preoccupied with longing, fear, work, loneliness, and cultural nostalgia, are given exhilarating life by way of Powell’s “wit, his. . .dazzling turns of phrase” (Scott Spencer).


A novel that has drawn comparisons with the work of J. D. Salinger, Truman Capote, and Flannery O’Connor, Padgett Powell's EDISTO is out now in a new edition from Catapult.

Edisto Revisited

In EDISTO REVISITED, Simons Manigault is newly graduated from Clemson University, bored, unfocused, and idling […]


HOLOGRAM is a phantasmagoric dream of a novel, exploring the mind of a housewife enamored […]

Aliens of Affection

The nine stories collected here are hilarious, wrenching, pessimistic, buoyant, low-down, high-strung, and impeccably written, […]

The Interrogative Mood: A Novel?

THE INTERROGATIVE MOOD is a wildly inventive, jazzy meditation on life and language—in which every […]

You & Me: A Novel

Truly a master of envelope-pushing, post-postmodern American fiction, in a class with Nicholas Baker and Lydia Davis, Padgett Powell brilliantly blends the sublime, the trivial, and the oddball in YOU & ME, as two loquacious gents on a porch discuss all manner of subjects, from the mundane to the spiritual to the downright ridiculous.