Allen, Jeffery Renard


Rails Under My Back

Jeffery Renard Allen's debut fiction, RAILS UNDER MY BACK is the communal expression of a century of African-American life in America -with its imagery of exodus and exile, departure and destiny.

Fat Time

Encompassing ten short stories, Jeffery Renard Allen's forthcoming collection FAT TIME (Graywolf Press, 2020) is loosely linked around African notions of time and place, along with African views of space, cosmology, and metaphysics. Taken together, these ten stories represent a contemporary master at the top of his craft.

Song of the Shank

A 2015 PEN/Faulkner Award Finalist for Fiction: the powerful new novel from the prodigiously talented author of RAILS UNDER MY BACK, SONG OF THE SHANK is Jeffery Renard Allen's contemporary American masterpiece about music, race, an unforgettable man, and an unreal America during the Civil War era.

Holding Pattern: Stories

The world of Jeffery Renard Allen’s stunning short story collection, HOLDING PATTERN, is a recognizable […]