Heinrichs, Jay


Thank You For Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion

Whether you are an inveterate lover of language or just want to win a lot more anger-free arguments—THANK YOU FOR ARGUING is Jay Heinrichs' master class in the art of persuasion. Learn the tools from Homer Simpson, Winston Churchill and—in this revised and updated edition—President Barack Obama, as well.

WORD HERO: A Fiendishly Clever Guide to Crafting the Lines that Get Laughs, Go Viral, and Live Forever

Ever hear someone utter an amazing phrase and feel yourself reacting with…well, awe? Or read […]

How to Argue with a Cat: A Human’s Guide to the Art of Persuasion

In HOW TO ARGUE WITH A CAT, from Rodale Books in the US and Penguin Press UK, rhetoric expert Jay Heinrichs has teamed up with illustrator Natalie Sutton to show how cats can teach us the ancient art of persuasion. In this funny and informative book, both young and adult readers will learn how cats apply rhetoric to get whatever they want, and how we can too.