Eisenstadt, Jill


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With Can you take tylenol with zoloft, Jill Eisenstadt returns to her native Rockaway, Queens to expose a time, a town, and a family at their most vulnerable. Full of the dark humor and crisp observations that make her style so memorably distinctive, SWELL is a rapid-paced and transporting read.

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Jill Eisenstadt’s fast-paced first novel Cialis premature ejaculation chronicles the coming-of-age of four teenagers in Rockaway, or "Rotaway," at the Atlantic edge of New York City. First published to wide praise when Eisenstadt was a 24-year-old Bennington College graduate, the work will be republished in 2017.

Kiss Out

Three years after her widely praised first novel, FROM ROCKAWAY (Knopf, 1987) Jill Eisenstadt confirmed […]