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100 Places That Can Change Your Child’s Life

Kids who learn to travel will travel to learn. In 100 PLACES THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR CHILD'S LIFE National Geographic Traveler Editor Keith Bellows sends you and your children globetrotting for life-changing vacations that will expand their horizons and shape their perspectives.

A Blueprint for Your Castle in the Clouds: Make the Inside of Your Head Your Favorite Place to Be

In this fresh approach to positive thinking and well-being, Barbara Tammes sparks the imagination with […]

A MATTER OF PASSION: Christo and Jeanne-Claude

For their sheer scale and breathtaking audacity, their works have made them among the most […]

A RETURN TO MODESTY: Discovering the Lost Virtue

When A Return to Modesty was first published in 1999, it began an important and […]

A Word for Love

Set in an unnamed foreign country, A WORD FOR LOVE is Emily Robbins' debut novel about a young American woman who arrives in search of an “astonishing text”—said to have the power to make all its readers weep—but finds herself caught instead in the lives of her host family and a Romeo & Juliet-like romance that ultimately teaches her about love, loyalty, and herself—and changes her reading of everything.

Adoptable Dog: Teaching Your Adopted Pet to Obey, Trust, and Love You

Whether you are planning a trip to the shelter to adopt a dog or have […]

THE ALCHEMY OF INNER WORK: A Guide for Turning Illness and Suffering into True Health and Well-Being

THE ALCHEMY OF INNER WORK (Red Wheel/Weiser, 2020) by Lorie Eve Dechar with Benjamin Fox is a hands-on guide for practitioners and patients as well as a journey of discovery, a meditation on what it means to heal and live a truly health-filled life.

Aliens of Affection

The nine stories collected here are hilarious, wrenching, pessimistic, buoyant, low-down, high-strung, and impeccably written, […]


San Francisco, 1986. A city where Dionysian liberation is beginning to pall beneath a strange […]

Angels Make Their Hope Here

With the same storytelling brio that distinguished the acclaimed novels RIVER, CROSS MY HEART and STAND THE STORM, Breena Clarke weaves the richly dramatic story of one woman’s triumph in the crucible of history in ANGELS MAKE THEIR HOPE HERE.

BABY LOVE: A Tradition of Calm Parenting

When it comes to baby care, the best advice might come not from the “experts,” […]

Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature

In this remarkable biography, Linda Lear offers a new look at the extraordinary woman who […]

Believing Is Seeing: Creating the Culture of Art

Why are the paleolithic Venus of Willendorf, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes, and Marcel Duchamp’s ready-made […]


Anthrax. Smallpox. Incurable and horrifying Ebola-related fevers. For two decades, while a fearful world prepared […]

THE BOOK OF JOE: About a Dog and His Man

In the tradition of classic dog stories like J. R. Ackerley’s MY DOG TULIP, actor Vincent Price’s THE BOOK OF JOE shares the heartwarming tale of his fourteen-year love affair with his beguiling and preternaturally intelligent mutt. Courageous and intensely devoted to his owner, Joe was a special dog with a personality all his own. The tender and witty recollections of time spent with Joe bring joy to any animal lover’s heart.

Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives

In Born Digital John Palfrey investigates the first generation of “Digital Natives” — children who were born into and raised in the digital world. They are coming of age, and soon our world will be reshaped in their image. Our economy, our politics, our culture, and even the shape of our family life will be forever transformed. But who are these Digital Natives? And what is the world they’re creating going to look like?

Bright College Years: Inside the American College Today

As the price of higher education escalates and the number of Americans seeking a college […]


Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light

In BRILLIANT: THE EVOLUTION OF ARTIFICIAL LIGHT, award-winning author Jane Brox offers a sweeping history of our transformative relationship with light—from the stone lamps of the Pleistocene to LEDs embedded in fabrics of the future—and reveals that the surprising, complex story of our illumination is also the story of our modern selves.


In CECILIA, author Linda Ferri brings an enduring Roman legend to vivid and memorable life. […]

Clearing Land: Legacies of the American Farm

A Best Book of the Year: The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution […]

Cracking the Carbon Code: The Key to Sustainable Profits in the New Economy

The “carbon footprint” is fast becoming a primary measure of competitive businesses and healthy economies. […]

Cries For Help, Various

From the highly acclaimed author of EDISTO and THE INTERROGATIVE MOOD, Padgett Powell’s new collection of stories, CRIES FOR HELP, VARIOUS, ventures again to surrealistic and comical terrain. The forty-four stories here, preoccupied with longing, fear, work, loneliness, and cultural nostalgia, are given exhilarating life by way of Powell’s “wit, his. . .dazzling turns of phrase” (Scott Spencer).

Deep Creek

A Washington Post “Best Novel of 2010” Idaho Territory, June 1887.  A small-town judge takes […]

DISTURBED IN THEIR NESTS: A Journey From Sudan’s Dinkaland to San Diego’s City Heights

In DISTURBED IN THEIR NESTS, new from Blackstone in Nov. 2018, 19 year-old Sudanese refugee Alephonsion Deng is greeted by suburban mom Judy Bernstein at the International Rescue Committee in San Diego. Their memoir recounts the initial collision of their cultures, growing trust, and ultimate friendship in adjusting Alepho to his new country, and reveals two very different ideas about America and its promises.

Diving For Starfish: The Jeweler, The Actress, The Heiress and One of the World’s Most Alluring Pieces of Jewelry

The House of Boivin, purveyor of sumptuous jewelry, created five ruby and amethyst starfish brooches in the years before WWII which have moved beneath the surface of public awareness ever since, bought and sold in the utmost secrecy. DIVING FOR STARFISH (St. Martins, 2018) is Cherie Burns’s chronicle of these artifacts, the secrets they've held in the 75 years they've adorned the high societies of New York and Paris, and the larger-than-life personalities who feature in their tale.


A tight-knit, high-powered group of scientists and engineers spent eight years building a satellite designed, […]


A novel that has drawn comparisons with the work of J. D. Salinger, Truman Capote, and Flannery O’Connor, Padgett Powell's EDISTO is out now in a new edition from Catapult.

Edisto Revisited

In EDISTO REVISITED, Simons Manigault is newly graduated from Clemson University, bored, unfocused, and idling […]

Entering the Stone: On Caves and Feeling Through the Dark

*A Library Journal Best Natural History Book of the Year* In this exhilarating work, Barbara Hurd […]


When a small unit of solders is separated from their command and left to fend […]

Fat Time

Encompassing ten short stories, Jeffery Renard Allen's forthcoming collection FAT TIME (Graywolf Press, 2020) is loosely linked around African notions of time and place, along with African views of space, cosmology, and metaphysics. Taken together, these ten stories represent a contemporary master at the top of his craft.

Feng Shui Simply: Change Your Life from the Inside Out

If feng shui were as easy as putting a piggy bank in the wealth corner […]

Five Thousand Days Like This One

National Book Critics Circle Award Nonfiction Finalist, 1999 Amid the turmoil after her father’s death […]

From Rockaway

Jill Eisenstadt’s fast-paced first novel FROM ROCKAWAY chronicles the coming-of-age of four teenagers in Rockaway, or "Rotaway," at the Atlantic edge of New York City. First published to wide praise when Eisenstadt was a 24-year-old Bennington College graduate, the work will be republished in 2017.

The Georgian Star: How William and Caroline Herschel Revolutionized Our Understanding of the Cosmos

Trained as a musician, amateur scientist William Herschel found international fame after discovering the planet […]

Guardian of the Dawn

In his previous novels HUNTING MIDNIGHT and THE LAST KABBALIST OF LISBON, Richard Zimler spun […]

Half the Kingdom

The renowned New Yorker writer and Pulitzer Prize finalist Lore Segal creates a hilarious, poignant, and profoundly moving portrait of life today—where terrorist paranoia and end-of-the-world hysteria mask deeper fears of mortality; where parents and their grown children vacillate between frustration and tenderness; and where the broken medical system leads one character to quip, “Kafka wrote slice-of-life fiction.” HALF THE KINGDOM was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.

Her First American

She’s Ilka Weissnix, a young Jewish refugee from Hitler’s Europe, newly arrived in the United States. He’s Carter Bayoux, her first American: a middle-aged, hard-drinking black intellectual. Lore Segal’s brilliant novel is the story of their love affair—one of the funniest and saddest in modern fiction.

Here and Nowhere Else: Late Seasons of a Farm and Its Family

Winner of the 1996 L. L. Winship/PEN New England Award After years of living away […]

Holding Pattern: Stories

The world of Jeffery Renard Allen’s stunning short story collection, HOLDING PATTERN, is a recognizable […]

How to Argue with a Cat: A Human’s Guide to the Art of Persuasion

In HOW TO ARGUE WITH A CAT, from Rodale Books in the US and Penguin Press UK, rhetoric expert Jay Heinrichs has teamed up with illustrator Natalie Sutton to show how cats can teach us the ancient art of persuasion. In this funny and informative book, both young and adult readers will learn how cats apply rhetoric to get whatever they want, and how we can too.

How to Be the World’s Smartest Traveler (and Save Time, Money & Hassle)

Consumer travel advocate Christopher Elliott gives us the inside scoop on informed itinerancy in HOW TO BE THE WORLD'S SMARTEST TRAVELER, a guide to savvy traveling the world over.

Hunting Midnight

At the dawn of the nineteenth century in Portugal, John Zarco Stewart is an impish […]


Lucy Ives’s IMPOSSIBLE VIEWS OF THE WORLD, part Possession, part Bridget Jones’s Diary, the story of Stella Krakus, a curator at a New York museum. The sudden death of a coworker and the appearance of a strange map propels Stella into an investigation of the archives at her workplace, revealing a path to Stella's own liberation.

In Mortal Hands: A Cautionary History of the Nuclear Age

This landmark history of nuclear power is perfectly timed for today, when Americans are gravely […]

In Revere, In Those Days

In this richly evocative novel—the moving story of one boy’s coming of age—acclaimed author Roland […]

In the Shadow of a Badge: A Memoir about Flight 93, a Field of Angels, and My Spiritual Homecoming

On September 11, 2001, Lillie Leonardi/span> was a Community Affairs Specialist with the FBI’s Pittsburgh division. IN THE SHADOW OF A BADGE is her firsthand account of the spiritual encounter she experienced while serving in her professional capacity during that shattering time.

The Interrogative Mood: A Novel?

THE INTERROGATIVE MOOD is a wildly inventive, jazzy meditation on life and language—in which every […]

JESUS: The Explosive Story Of The 30 Lost Years and The Ancient Mystery Religions

Where was Jesus for the first thirty years of his life? Where and what was […]

Kiss Out

Three years after her widely praised first novel, FROM ROCKAWAY (Knopf, 1987) Jill Eisenstadt confirmed […]

Left For Dead: My Journey Home From Everest

As featured in the 2015 Working Title/NBCUniversal major motion picture EVEREST: on May 10, 1996, nine climbers perished in the “death zone” on Mount Everest. The following day, one was given a second chance at life. His name was Beck Weathers. Bold, candid, and uncompromising, LEFT FOR DEAD is a deeply compelling story of loss and regeneration, of midlife crisis and chance, and of the abiding power of love and family.

Listening to the Savage: River Notes and Half-Heard Melodies

Award-winning author Barbara Hurd has made an art of calling our attention to the finest details of the world around us. In LISTENING TO THE SAVAGE, she focuses on our experience of sound—and how “lowering the ear” can deepen our understanding of life’s meaning and memories, its resonance and vibrancy.


In the early 1970s, Hannah Green and her husband came upon a small village called […]

LOST IN THE MERITOCRACY: The Undereducation of an Overachiever

A memoir told through the lens of the author’s Ivy League (mis)education as he moved […]

Lost Names: Scenes from a Korean Boyhood

In this classic tale, Richard E. Kim paints seven vivid scenes from a boyhood and […]

LOVE YOUR AGE: The Small-Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life

AARP’s positive living expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman's LOVE YOUR AGE, new from National Geographic, is an accessible and elucidating guide to helping busy, digitally-savvy women take charge of their health, fitness, and style.


Lore Segal’s brilliant –and, some would say, scathing– look at the New York literary scene was instantly beloved when it was first published and remains fresh as ever. The sensitive and prickly refugee child who is the heroine of OTHER PEOPLE’S HOUSES has grown up, and the witty and whimsical story of her adventures among the literati is LUCINELLA.

Margaret the First

MARGARET THE FIRST is Danielle Dutton's elegant novel based on seventeenth-century writer and polymath Margaret Cavendish, one of the first women to be published and a notoriously audacious and polarizing figure in her day. Everything we love in an historical novel from a startling, sharp contemporary voice.

Miracles on the Water: The Heroic Survivors of a World War II U-Boat Attack

Set against the backdrop of the London Blitz, a riveting account of bravery and the […]

Mirror Earth: The Search For Our Planet’s Twin

Michael Lemonick chronicles planet hunters - "exoplaneteers" as they call themselves - as they use powerful new technology in their race to find a true twin of Earth.


Mason LaVerle is a young man on a mission–a mission to America. He was raised […]

MONIQUE AND THE MANGO RAINS: Two Years with a Midwife in Mali

What is it like to live and work in a remote corner of the world […]

Mothering & Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years

Sil & Eliza Reynolds are a mother/daughter team whose first book, MOTHERING & DAUGHTERING, teach that it’s possible for mothers and daughters to not only survive the adolescent years but thrive in them, and that no matter how it appears or what people say, teenage daughters want and need a close relationship with their mothers.

Mr. Eternity

Aaron Thier's caustic and sharp novel MR. ETERNITY is narrated by five different twenty-somethings around the New World at five moments in time (1560, 1750, 2013, 2200, 2500), all of whom worry about the same problems that besiege young people. Linking them is the affable, immortal Mr. Eternity—an ancient sailor called Daniel Defoe—who entangles himself in the lives of people he meets while searching across time for his lost love.


HOLOGRAM is a phantasmagoric dream of a novel, exploring the mind of a housewife enamored […]


“The fine snow choked his eyes, ears, and throat, and he did not hear his […]


“The night was heavy with foreboding. The rain, which had been spitting down on us […]


“He wrapped the rope around his body, got ready to rappel and leaned back. Standing […]


“The wind was blowing at hurricane strength-sixty-five knots and over-and increasing in the gusts to […]


Martin takes the day off from work to make an elaborate meal for his friend […]

Other People’s Houses

Originally published in 1964 and hailed by critics including Cynthia Ozick and Elie Wiesel, OTHER PEOPLE'S HOUSES is Lore Segal’s internationally acclaimed semi-autobiographical first novel.

OTHER WORLDS: The Search for Life in the Universe

In this tour de force of popular science writing, Michael D. Lemonick describes the fascinating […]


Elvia Wilks' OVAL (Soft Skull Press, 2019) is a deeply imaginative work of literary fiction that reflects the way Berlin has changed and paints a portrait of this culture-capital today and soon. This memorable debut styles and recreates the city, prompting us to consider an unsettling and yet all-too-plausible future in which imminent change becomes undeniable.

You & Me: A Novel

Truly a master of envelope-pushing, post-postmodern American fiction, in a class with Nicholas Baker and Lydia Davis, Padgett Powell brilliantly blends the sublime, the trivial, and the oddball in YOU & ME, as two loquacious gents on a porch discuss all manner of subjects, from the mundane to the spiritual to the downright ridiculous.

Principal Investigation

One man holds the cure to a mutant strain of the Eke virus—one of the […]

Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature

Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring, published in 1962, did more than any other single publication […]

Rails Under My Back

Jeffery Renard Allen's debut fiction, RAILS UNDER MY BACK is the communal expression of a century of African-American life in America -with its imagery of exodus and exile, departure and destiny.

REBELS, Turn Out Your Dead

In his cannabis-infused pipe dreams, Salt imagines himself a man of independent means, rather than […]

Rescuing Patty Hearst: Growing Up Sane in a Decade Gone Mad

In 1975, one year after Patty Hearst and her captors robbed Hibernia National Bank, a […]

Rewilding the World

*A Library Journal Best Sci-Tech Book of the Year* If environmental destruction continues at its […]

River, Cross My Heart

Five-year-old Clara Bynum is dead, drowned in the Potomac River in the shadow of a seemingly haunted rock outcropping known locally as the Three Sisters. Breena Clarke's RIVER, CROSS MY HEART , a New York Times bestseller and Oprah's Book Club selection, weighs the effect of Clara's absence on the people she has left behind.

Searching for Beauty: The Life of Millicent Rogers

Cheri Burns' Searching for Beauty: The Life of Millicent Rogers is the first biography of the Standard Oil heiress -- beautiful, well-bred and wild -- who made her mark on the worlds of high society and haute couture in New York, Europe, and Hollywood as a preamble to her romantic reinvention in Taos, New Mexico in the 1940s. It is one woman’s relentless reinvention and personal metamorphosis through her pursuit of style and beauty.

Secondary Immunization

When Dr. Celeste Braun stumbles upon the body of a murdered undercover FBI agent while […]

See You On Sunday: A Cookbook for Family and Friends

Sam Sifton is food editor and former dining critic for The New York Times. His second book, SEE YOU ON SUNDAY, coming in February 2020 from Random House, is a home-cooking manifesto derived from more than two decades of food reporting and cooking by one of America’s finest food writers.

Shakespeare’s Kitchen

Lore Segal's thirteen interrelated stories collected here concern the universal longing for friendship, how we achieve new intimacies for ourselves, and how slowly, inexplicably, we lose them. Featuring six never-before-published pieces, SHAKESPEARE'S KITCHEN evolved from seven short stories that originally appeared in The New Yorker (including the O. Henry Prize–winning “The Reverse Bug”).

Shy: The Autobiography of Mary Rodgers Guettel

Mary Rodgers Guettel was Richard Rodgers's daughter, a noted composer, author, and arts doyenne in her own right and the sharpest tongue in show biz. Her posthumous memoir SHY: The Autobiography of Mary Rodgers Guettel (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2021), written with New York Times co-chief theater critic Jesse Green, is broader than a memoir, more personal than a biography, more true than a novel, yet contains elements of each.

Silence: A Social History of One of the Least Understood Elements of Our Lives

With precision and grace, award-winning author Jane Brox traces the evolution of silence in society. Through the specific histories of the Senanque monastery in France and the first silent prison, Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, SILENCE (Houghton Mifflin, 2019) explores the harrowing power of silence and our often fraught relationship with communication and solitude.

SO SUE ME, JACKASS: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls That Can Come Back to Bite You at Work, at Home, and at Play

Can you win monetary damages for bad sex? Can you get fired for being too […]

Song of the Shank

A 2015 PEN/Faulkner Award Finalist for Fiction: the powerful new novel from the prodigiously talented author of RAILS UNDER MY BACK, SONG OF THE SHANK is Jeffery Renard Allen's contemporary American masterpiece about music, race, an unforgettable man, and an unreal America during the Civil War era.

Stand the Storm

The second novel from bestselling author Breena Clarke -whose work has drawn comparisons to Eudora Welty and Toni Morrison- STAND THE STORM follows the Coats family, freed slaves living in the “promised land” of Georgetown in Washington, D.C. that is effectively a frontier town, gritty and dangerous.

Stirring the Mud: On Swamps, Bogs and Human Imagination

*A Los Angeles Times Book of the Year, 2001* In these nine evocative essays, Barbara […]

STONE HEART: A Novel of Sacajawea

STONE HEART is the fictional retelling of the American legend Sacajawea, the young Shoshoni woman […]


With SWELL, Jill Eisenstadt returns to her native Rockaway, Queens to expose a time, a town, and a family at their most vulnerable. Full of the dark humor and crisp observations that make her style so memorably distinctive, SWELL is a rapid-paced and transporting read.


Lore Segal’s classic children’s book TELL ME A MITZI was originally published by Farrar, Straus […]

Thank You For Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion

Whether you are an inveterate lover of language or just want to win a lot more anger-free arguments—THANK YOU FOR ARGUING is Jay Heinrichs' master class in the art of persuasion. Learn the tools from Homer Simpson, Winston Churchill and—in this revised and updated edition—President Barack Obama, as well.

Thanksgiving: How to Cook It Well

From Sam Sifton-one of America’s finest food writers, senior editor and former restaurant critic for The New York Times- comes a definitive, timeless guide to Thanksgiving dinner—preparing it, surviving it, and pulling it off in style: THANKSGIVING: HOW TO COOK IT WELL.

The Boat of Dreams: A Christmas Story

In 1969, William Foster, Sr., a thirty-three-year-old army reserve soldier, is lost in action in […]


A warm and profoundly felt evocation of family, this is the story of five generations […]

The Ghost Apple: A Novel

Aaron Thier’s debut novel THE GHOST APPLE is set on the New Hampshire campus of Tripoli College—an institution that, beset by financial problems, has entered into a coercive agreement with a corrupt “food services” corporation called Big Anna. Big Anna deposes the college’s president and installs a tyrant who contrives to enslave study-abroad students on a sugar plantation on St. Renard, an island in the Caribbean.

The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon

The year is 1506, and the streets of Lisbon are seething with fear and suspicion […]

The Little Book of Big Promises

THE LITTLE BOOK OF BIG PROMISES is a compilation of stories, visualizations, meditations, and mantras to reveal, access, and utilize the personal promises we make for this lifetime that will enable us to express our full potential. Peggy Rometo teaches us how becoming more aware of ourselves and others will allow us to tap into our intuition and discover our deepest purpose.

The Martyred

A National Book Award for Fiction Nominee, 1964 THE MARTYRED follows Captain Lee, of South […]

The Night Watchman

From international bestselling author Richard Zimler comes a new psychological thriller, THE NIGHT WATCHMAN, a uniquely moving feat of storytelling that reveals the damaging repercussions of abuse, and offers a startling look at the underbelly of Zimler’s adopted home.

The Search for Sana

In February 2000, Richard Zimler went to the Perth Writers Festival and met a talented […]

The Seventh Gate

It’s Berlin, 1932. Sophie is a smart and sexually precocious fourteen-year-old coming of age during […]

The Warsaw Anagrams

Autumn 1940. The Nazis seal 400,000 Jews inside a small area of the Polish capital, […]

The White Light of Grace: Reflections on the Life of a Spiritual Intuitive

In THE WHITE LIGHT OF GRACE, author and speaker Lillie Leonardi shares the stories of her life, beginning with the ancestral origins of her intuitive gifts and the early childhood experiences that uncover her ability to communicate with angels.


This eighties-centric, Ritalin-fueled, pitch-perfect comic novel brings energy and originality to the classic Midwestern coming-of-age […]

TO TOUCH A WILD DOLPHIN: A Journey of Discovery with the Sea’s Most Intelligent Creatures

In 1982, Rachel Smolker traveled to Monkey Mia, a remote spot in western Australia where […]


Scientist Dr. Celeste Braun is busy dealing with a crucial research project, conference lectures, and […]


Kent Selkirk is an operator at AidSat. An omni-present subscriber service ready to answer, solve, […]


In Mary South’s forthcoming UNTITLED NOVEL (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2021), women are turning into common household objects, such as vacuums, microwave ovens, and flatscreen televisions. The novel’s protagonist observes this process as a nurse at a hospice for women of the 1%, where only the rich and the famous can receive adequate care while enduring such a painful and unusual change.


Ryan Bingham’s job as a Career Transition Councelor—he fires people—has kept him airborne for years. […]

The Velveteen Father: An Unexpected Journey to Parenthood

Being a parent was not a high priority–or even much of a likelihood–for acclaimed journalist […]

Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography

Vincent Price is a true Hollywood legend, whose vast and distinguished career – as the […]

Virus Hunter: Thirty Years of Battling Hot Viruses Around The World

The man who led the battle against Ebola in THE HOT ZONE teams up with […]

Walking the Wrack Line: On Tidal Shifts and What Remains

Barbara Hurd’s graceful essays flow from musings on objects she finds at the beach’s “wrack […]

The Way of Being Lost: A Road Trip to My Truest Self

Victoria Price's THE WAY OF BEING LOST: A Road Trip to My Truest Self (Dover/Ixia Press, 2018) is a candid account of rediscovering one’s sense of self after years of struggle. Inspired by Victoria’s weekly blog, this memoir is a reminder of the importance of making peace with our past in order to live our most authentic lives.

Where the Buffalo Roam: Restoring America’s Great Plains

In 1987 Frank and Deborah Popper proposed a bold solution to the decline of America’s […]

Wild Nights: Nature Returns to the City

A walk on New York City’s truly wild side — and a glimpse of the […]

WORD HERO: A Fiendishly Clever Guide to Crafting the Lines that Get Laughs, Go Viral, and Live Forever

Ever hear someone utter an amazing phrase and feel yourself reacting with…well, awe? Or read […]

World Peace & Other 4th-Grade Achievements

WORLD PEACE AND OTHER 4TH-GRADE ACHIEVEMENTS shares educator John Hunter's stories of conflict resolution and collective problem-solving gleaned from 30 years teaching children the World Peace Game, a groundbreaking global systems simulation he invented.

The World is a Narrow Bridge

Aaron Thier's novel THE WORLD IS A NARROW BRIDGE (Bloomsbury, 2018) is a road novel for our times, and a story of love in an age of catastrophe.

You Will Never Be Forgotten

In her debut collection YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2020), Mary South’s characters use technology to escape their uncontrollable feelings of grief or rage or despair, only to reveal their most flawed and human selves. These 10 stories feature an impressive range of voices, alternatingly provocative, wistful, and calculatingly disaffected in prose that is fiercely intelligent and outlandishly funny.