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Elvia Wilk’s OVAL excerpted on The White Review


In especially good news for those who can relate to locker room angst, a terrific excerpt from Elvia Wilks’ forthcoming novel OVAL (Soft Skull Press, June 2019) just posted on The White Review.

Oval has recently received hearty advance praise from a number of notable authors, including Jeff VanderMeer (“A fascinating near-future exploration of relationships, sustainability, and power. An extraordinarily accomplished debut novel.”) and Shelley Jackson (“So good, so dark, so funny, so cruelly smart about where we are and where we’re going. This book is a petri dish growing a new strain of heartbreak. I’m sick with love for it.”)

We eagerly await the book that a starred Kirkus review calls “[w]itty and alarming, a satire with (unexpected) heart.”