Stella Krakus, the protagonist of Lucy Ives’ recently published novel IMPOSSIBLE VIEWS OF THE WORLD, may be having the roughest week in approximately ever, but Lucy is having a stellar month. Since its release on August 1st, Lucy’s debut novel has received tremendous praise, including a glowing review from Susan Coll for the New York Times Book Review:

“[An] intricate, darkly funny debut…there is so much going on in this novel, so many sharp observations packed into sentences as sensual and jarring as a Mardi Gras parade that it bears a second look… Ives, an accomplished poet, infuses even mundane actions with startling imagery… It’s a smart novel brimming with ideas about love, art, personal agency, a lack thereof, and for the astute reader, a couple of minor characters sporting J. Crew.”

Lucy was recently interviewed by Lauren Mechling for, which called the novel “a perfect summer pleasure,” and raved “It’s a singular work, worthy of a place in any world-class collection.” Cosmopolitan also features the novel in their September issue, noting that “Diehard Davinci Code fans will find a new heroine in Stella, the code-cracking art curator at the center of this clever mystery.”

Congratulations to Lucy! For more on IMPOSSIBLE VIEWS OF THE WORLD and to order your copy, click here.