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Lucy Ives


Lucy Ives is a graduate of Harvard University and the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, and has completed a PhD in the Department of Comparative Literature at NYU. She is the author of several books of poetry and short prose, including Anamnesis, a long poem that won the Slope Book Prize, and the novella nineties. Her writing has appeared in Bomb, Artforum, n+1, Conjunctions, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and at For five years she was an editor with Triple Canopy, the Brooklyn-based online magazine and arts organization whose archives was acquired by NYU’s Fales Archive. Ms. Ives is also an Assistant Professor in the Writing Program at Pratt Institute.




“[An] intricate, darkly funny debut. . . there is so much going on in this novel, so many sharp observations packed into sentences as sensual and jarring as a Mardi Gras parade that it bears a second look. . . Ives, an accomplished poet, infuses even mundane actions with startling imagery. . . It’s a smart novel brimming with ideas about love, art, personal agency, a lack thereof, and for the astute reader, a couple of minor characters sporting J. Crew.”

—Susan Coll, New York Times Book Review

Pulsing with neurotic humor and dagger-sharp prose, IMPOSSIBLE VIEWS OF THE WORLD is a dazzling debut novel about how to make it through your early thirties with your brain and heart intact. Stella Krakus, a curator at Manhattan’s renowned Central Museum of Art, is having the roughest week in approximately ever. Her soon-to-be ex-husband is stalking her, a workplace romance is in freefall, and a beloved colleague, Paul, has gone missing. Strange things are afoot: CeMArt’s current exhibit is sponsored by a Belgian multinational that wants to take over the world’s water supply, she unwittingly stars in a viral video that’s making the rounds, and her mother wants to have lunch. It’s almost more than she can overanalyze.

But the appearance of a mysterious map, depicting a 19th-century utopian settlement, sends Stella—a dogged expert in American graphics—on an all-consuming research mis-sion. As she teases out the links between a haunting poem, several unusual novels, a counterfeiting scheme, and one of the museum’s colorful early benefactors, she discovers the unbearable secret that Paul’s been keeping, and charts a course out of the chaos of her own life.



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