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Diane Glancy


Diane Glancy, an author of Cherokee and German descent, is a prolific poet, playwright, and novelist. Known for drawing upon her surroundings and American history for inspiration, her other books are PUSHING THE BEAR: A Novel of the Trail of Tears and DESIGNS OF THE NIGHT SKY, both of which draw on the history of the Cherokee removal. Among her many writing awards are the 1993 American Book Award, the Minnesota Book Award, and a Native American Prose Award.


Overlook Books, 2003

Overlook Books, 2003



“A brilliant, artistically ambitious...masterful work about creative consciousness in the land.”

—Kirkus, STARRED review

STONE HEART is the fictional retelling of the American legend Sacajawea, the young Shoshoni woman who traveled with Lewis and Clark on their expedition to the West. Presented in Sacajawea’s own voice juxtaposed with excerpts from Lewis and Clark’s diaries, it is a moving and illuminating work cast from a famed piece of history that has long been masked by myth.

Lewis and Clark recorded the physical challenges and wonders of the external journey. Glancy’s Sacajawea experiences the expedition on a different plane, one that lies between the terrestrial and the magical, where clouds speak and ghost horses roam the plains. Both stunningly imagined and meticulously faithful to history, STONE HEART draws a lingering portrait of a woman of resilience and courage.



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