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Europa Editions, 2010

Europa Editions, 2010

"CECILIA is a passionate and meticulous account of a fifteen-year-old in search of her spiritual identity, all the while conscious of the fact that every mortal needs her gods."
— D/La Repubblica

In CECILIA, author Linda Ferri brings an enduring Roman legend to vivid and memorable life. Cecilia traces the spiritual journey of a young woman, born into a noble Roman family in the second century A.D., who is confronting a world where old and new sensibilities inexorably collide.

Stifled by the expectations of her class and coming to terms with her budding Christian beliefs, Cecilia is ultimately both a product of her times and a young woman at odds with her surroundings. In lyrical, elegant prose, Ferri takes the reader through Cecilia’s life, from her awkward, searching childhood to adulthood, where she finds solace and truth in the very beliefs that will condemn her.

Linda Ferri is the author of the novel ENCHANTMENTS (Alfred A. Knopf), a collection of short stories, and numerous books for children. She co-wrote the films The Son’s Room(Palme d’Or 2001, Cannes); The Life I Want; Light of My Eyes; and Along the Ridge. She lives in Rome.


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