Aaron Thier

Aaron Thier

Short on the heels of his celebrated satirical fiction debut, THE GHOST APPLE, Aaron Thier is soon to deliver his second novel to Bloomsbury Publishing: MR. ETERNITY.

MR. ETERNITY is narrated by five different twenty-somethings around the New World at five moments in time (1560, 1750, 2013, 2200, 2500), all of whom are concerned with the same problems that besiege young people: loneliness, family trouble, drugs and alcohol, the feeling of not knowing anything and not knowing what to do with their lives. Linking them is the immortal Mr. Eternity, an ancient sailor called Daniel Defoe, who entangles himself in the lives of people he meets while searching the Americas for his lost love, Anna Gloria.

Set against an ever-changing ecological and historical backdrop—from conquistadors and Brazil nuts and imaginary South American tribes to slavery, colonialism and lecherous mermaids—the adventurous tales paint an epic picture of expansion and collapse, climate change and human vanity, and the poignant vulnerability of a species trying to satisfy infinite ambition and desire on a finite planet.

Aaron Thier’s first novel, THE GHOST APPLE, (“Antic, darkly funny, and – like all the best satire – deadly serious beneath its surface…” – Andrea Barrett) was published in 2014.  A regular contributor to The Nation, Thier is a graduate of Yale University and the MFA program at The University of Florida.

Anxiously anticipating more from Aaron?  Bide your time until 2016 publication by following his “Interviews with Myself.”