Young Florida couple Murphy and Eva have almost decided to have a baby. One night, Yahweh appears to Eva and commands her to be his prophet, to spread his name throughout the land and internet. The novel follows them as they hurtle across the country (in a Prius named the Pequod) reluctantly doing Yahweh’s bidding. Along the way they come face to face with America, a land of crazy slogans, weird food, and the ghosts of a murderous history, while working through the question of how to justify creating more life in the midst of so much suffering and doom. (They also run into Satan, a pretty decent guy compared to petulant, gum-chewing Yahweh.)

Thier thrives in this territory—the themes are heavy and the touch is light. As a prose stylist, he’s at the very top of his game; these sentences will floor you with beauty and crack you up with oddly heartening wryness. This is present American reality as we know it—complete with xenophobic candidates, broken health care, and garbage summits. THE WORLD IS A NARROW BRIDGE is a road novel for our times, and a story of love in an age of catastrophe. Simply put, it’s masterful, comic, issue-driven American fiction.

Aaron Thier’s first novel, THE GHOST APPLE (a semifinalist for the 2015 Thurber Prize for American Humor) was published in 2014, with MR. ETERNITY (“…will be sizzling in my brain for a long time…”—Lauren Groff) following in 2015. A regular contributor to The Nation and Lucky Peach and a graduate of Yale University and the MFA program at The University of Florida, Thier received an NEA Fellowship in Creative Writing in 2016.